Current and Upcoming Litters



Upcoming litters: 


Medium multi-generational goldendoodles – due around April 18th

This will be Lexi’s retirement litter.  She has produced such wonderful pups for us.  Several of her pups are currently in therapy situations.  This will be her first multigenerational litter that isnt standard sized.  I expect pups to mature in the 40-pound range with loose wavy/straight coats.  They will be in shades of cream, apricot and possibly red.  Some of them may also have white chests.

This will be Beau’s first litter for us.  He comes to our program from another breeder that is retiring from breeding.  She has described him as very friendly, calm and confident.  He produced many beautiful pups with wonderful temperments for her program.  We are very excited to see what these two produce.

These pups should be very friendly and confident dogs that would fit wonderfully into therapy situations or homes with small children.  Lexi tends to produce very tolerant and people-focused pups.  I often get rave reviews on how gentle her pups are.  Here are some photos of past pups from Lexi:


Some pics of dads past pups:


Multigenerational Mini Goldendoodles:

Lucy and Archie – expected breeding in May with pups arriving in July/August

lucy and archie

These pups should be in the 25 – 35 pound range in shades of reds with loose wavy coats.  We are expecting lots of parti marked pups like Archie the dad as well as some abstracts.  Lucy and Archie are both super friendly and playful.   These pups should be wonderful family dogs.

Multigenerational Medium Goldendoodles:

Griffin and Goldie – expected breeding in June/July – pups arriving in October/November

These pups should mature in the 35 – 45 pound range in shades of apricots and reds with loose/wavy coats.